Intellectual Property

advICo actively pursues relationships that foster the use and adoption of intellectual property for mutual benefit. Please contact us to learn which patents are available for licensing.


Inductor modelling

Owner: Dr. Grau
Patent number: 101 09 554 (DE)
Description: Process to determine electric properties of an assembly of conducting elements of an integrated circuit or a high frequency inductor

Eye diagram monitor

Owner: advICo microelectronics GmbH
Patent number: 102 41 848 (DE)
Description: Process to record optical or electrical signal sequence and eye monitor for the execution of the process

POLDI - Polymer

Owner: Dr. Grau
Patent number: 10 2005 031 966 (DE)
Description: Production of a polarization sensitive filter with narrow spread and orientation for CCD and CMOS image sensors


Ower: Dr. Grau
Patent number: 10 2005 063 524 (DE)
Description: Appliance for measuring and creation (emission) of polarized light.

POLDI – IC (international)

Owner: Dr. Grau
Patent numbers: 1 902 334 (EU, DE, FR), ZL200680024689 (CN), 5032470 (JP), 8045163 (US)
Description: Method for producing polarisation filters and use of polarisation-sensitive photo-sensors and polarisation-generating reproduction devices

Programmierbares Verzögerungsglied / Phase and Amplitude Modulator

Owner: Dr. Scheytt
Patent numbers: 10 2004 064 023 (DE), 7423464 (US)
Description: Circuit layout for precise automatic modulation of signal phase and signal delay, respectively, and signal amplitude without having a frequency reference.


Owner: advICo microelectronics GmbH
Patent numbers: 10 2014 000 742 (DE), 10 2014 001 698 (DE)
Description: - Latch with bipolar differential amplifier for high speeds
                   - Clocked comparator with bipolar differential amplifier


Inventor: Dr. Grau
Application numbers: 10 2013 010 164 (DE), PCT/EP2014/062811
Description: Apparatus for shifting and measuring of polarization of radar waves as well as usage for measuring rotational angles and shifts