10 Gbps 100mA n-side down LASER driver

10 Gbps 100mA n-side down LASER driver for direct bonding to LD

  • ●  Communication networks ever under pressure to improve speed & density
  • ●  High speed, small form factor, low power & low cost are key issues for optical modules
  • ●  advICo developed a unique LASER driver for a German manufacturer of optical communication modules
  • ●  The first n-side-down-LASER driver for 10.7GB/s
  • ●  Desired speed with less power, smaller, no extra external components, single 3.3V supply, 100mA drive capability
  • ●  Tailored to customers proprietary cathode-grounded Fabry-Perot-LASER diodes
  • ●  advICo developed the novel circuit architecture, the chip itself & the PCB (multilayer PCB with integrated heat sink & good RF capabilities)
  • ●  Actual module size (Silicon subcarrier with driver, LASER, monitor diode pigtail mount) just 2x3mm